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One-Day Workshops
High impact, interactive workshops at Your Location
High performance leadership for supervisors,
                  managers and project leaders
Supervising for Success
Practical advice for supervisors. How to develop clarity, courage, creativity and compassion in your job as a supervisor. Explore and answer the big questions that supervisors face on the road to success.
High performance leadership
Achieving Your Goals
The key to your success as a leader is achieving your goals. During this goals-based workshop you'll develop time and field-tested ways to identify your core mission, drop excuses, energize your team, act relentlessly on your plan, and learn constantly. This workshop will impact your work in every area that involves goals and reaching success.
Develop presentation skills
Powerful Presentation Training
Learn why slides are not the enemy. Explore presentation, relaxation and total presence exercises from the performing arts to create and deliver dynamic and influential presentations. Take your presentations to the next level and become a presenter that people look forward to seeing.
How to optimize your results
Communicating for Results

At the heart of successful leadership is genuine, candid communication.

During this session you will be able to learn how to create the kind clear communication and deeper conversations that lead to better interpersonal relationships and more effective organizations.
Creative Problem Solving for Supervisors
Creative Problem Solving
Develop ways to create a collaborative space for success using a process that will help your team tackle problems creatively while building relationships and transforming results. The road to success is lined with problems to solve, so why not learn creative ways to solve them?
Team Building for Supervisors
Building Your Team
Explore and practice how to best develop your people and create a more cohesive, productive team. Work with team building tools that you'll use over and over. No nets, no trust falls, no runs thru the wilderness -- just useful, immediate team building tools to help you build teams that achieve their goals.
Half-Day Workshops
Practical and highly focused workshops at your location
How to create success as a supervisor
Ten Keys to Leadership Success
Get on track, take charge, and enjoy life as a supervisor for a change. Making the transition from production to leadership is tough. This fast paced workshop will help you identify key areas to focus on to start creating success right away.
How to achieve your goals
How To Achieve Your Goals
It's no secret that supervisors with solid goals achieve more. Here's how to establish and achieve your goals.
How to communicate more effectively
Clues to Success
Five keys to communicating more effectively. Explore and practice the skills that create better conversations in coaching, negotiating, and developing relationships with team members, clients, customers, and (yes!) even your family. What could be more important to a leader than effective communication?
Time Management Training for Supervisors
Time Management Now!
Time is the one constant, the one common currency we all share. Here's a no-nonsense approach to getting more done, faster. Drop those excuses and manage what you do with your time.
Coaching your team to better performance
Improving Performance
Everyone needs a coach and the skills for how to get to the heart of what a coach does -- improve performance. Be the coach your people need. Discover how to overcome barriers and coach your team to deliver high performance.You'll find it easier to achieve your goals when your team is performing at their best.
Conflict resolution training
Resolving Conflict
Do you find yourself in conflict and longing for a way out? Are you making the best of your conflict resolution strategies? Expand your possibilities and increase your skills at handling conflict in your team, in your career, and in your life.
Lead more productive meetings
Productive Meetings Training
Learn how to facilitate more productive and high impact meetings. Stop wasting time and get the most out of your meetings. Create meetings that people attend and participate in with enthusiasm and focus. Whether you are in charge of the meeting or simply leading from the back of the room, learn and practice the tools and techniques that create productive and satisfying meetings.
Creativity Training
Developing Creativity
People are born to be creative. Somewhere along the way, little pieces of our creativity fall to the heavy details of life. Just when we need it the most, creativity can seem as elusive as a bird on the wing. Change that and build creativity in this high energy workshop using proven exercises and games from the arts.
How to manage stress
Managing Stress Training
Does stress impact your day? Do you find yourself working harder and enjoying it less, only to find out that the stress doesn't stop when you leave work and go home? During this interactive workshop you will explore and practice the keys to mindfully acknowledging and managing stress. Learn how to let go without getting attached to the mess of stress.

Why one-day and half-day workshops?

It's what our customers want. With time at a premium and everyone concerned about maintaining productivity, we find it necessary to do as much as we can in as little time as possible.  Our workshops get your people up to speed and back to work as quickly as possible. We keep each class at an optimal size (from 5 to 15 people) so that everyone gets the opportunity to explore and practice the skills they need to reach their next level of success in the content covered for the day. Need to train more than 15 people? With our affordable rates you can schedule multiple workshops

We keep the workshops fast moving, highly focused, and interactive so that the participants spend their time exploring, discovering, and practicing the specific skills covered by the workshop. There's no fluff -- just dynamic content and applied practice.

How much does it cost?

We deliver high quality, affordable leadership training to help you achieve your goals at a price that makes sense to you.  Contact us today to determine your investment, based on your needs, location and qualifications. We're experts at keeping costs low, and we can share those savings with you.

How do I schedule a workshop?

To schedule a workshop please send an email to: with your request and the following information:

  • Which workshops you would like to schedule
  • Your preferred dates (check our calendar here for open dates)
  • Your organization's name and the address for the workshop delivery
  • How many participants you expect for each workshop (we recommend groups from 5 to 15 people. Have more than that? We'd love to book multiple sessions at your location at a discount!)
Or, complete the following form:

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We'll do what we can to meet your scheduling needs -- and the price is amazingly affordable.

For more information, please contact us at:

Front Range Leadership, LLC
Longmont, CO

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