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Solving problems. Achieving your goals.

Centered Problem
How to optimize your
                  resultsWhat if you could solve problems, drive change, and improve performance faster and better?

Most problems can be solved. While some "unsolvable" problems must be managed in order to maintain a high performance team environment, far too many problems go unsolved because the people involved miss working out a reasonable solution. 

Often, this is due to change efforts that are not scaled correctly, implemented effectively, or involving the right people.  If everything looks like a problem, it's easy to lose track of what does work.
Often, the most powerful seeds of change exist in what is already working .

As leaders, we must address our most pressing problems and do what we can to solve, or manage them. Our results depend on it. And how we bring about change will determine whether or not we achieve our goals.

It's not magic, but collaborating effectively with people who are invested in leading change can feel magical, especially when the results lead to more cohesive teams, deeper conversations, more effective processes, more creative innovations, and happier customers.

Working together to facilitate change and as prime and vital opportunity builds relationships as it improves bottom line results.

5 Core
More than a training,
Centered Problem Solving is a facilitated creative transformation process. You'll participate with a group of energized individuals and collaborate on changes that can be launched immediately to set you on a path for achieving your goals faster, smarter, and better.

You will look at problem solving differently and embrace it with the enthusiasm and skill of an artist at work.

What To Expect

  • Warm up and ramp up your creativity
  • Explore ways to create deeper, more meaningful conversations
  • Share stories of creative success and spark the start of new ones
  • Learn dozens of useful problem solving methods and tools
  • Explore and practice a creative process for solving problems and creating success
  • Launch your own leading change process
  • Create the changes you want in your life, your organization, and your world

What You Will Cover

Active participants will be able to:

  • Analyze facts and feelings of your problem situation and determine the root cause of a problem.

  • Affirm and embrace what is already working effectively

  • Create paths to your ideal state and determine how to optimize your results.

  • Practice creative techniques and tools that dramatically expand your possibilities.
  • Evaluate your possibilities and discover which paths show the most promise.

  • Select the best paths to your ideal state and launch your action plan.

  • Collaborate as part of a creative transformation team.

  • Identify your strengths and get a grip on your challenges.

  • Reduce dramatically the time it takes for you to solve problems creatively.

  • Set a plan for success for leading change on an ongoing basis.

  • Discover your gifts, develop your creativity, and optimize your results.

Your Investment

We make every effort to deliver high quality, affordable training to people and organizations who are looking to expand their skills at creative problem solving and in achieving creative goals.  Contact us today to determine your investment, based on your needs and qualifications.

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 Solving Problems. Achieving your goals.
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