Solving problems. Achieving your goals.
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Solving problems. Achieving your goals.

How to Achieve Your Goals
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How to achieve your goals

Explore 5 keys to success and how to apply them in your work and in your life. Identify your personal success formula and set a goal for your next steps in achieving your goals. Discover what might be standing in the way of achieving your goals and set a plan for making significant progress.


- Evaluate your leadership skills
- Explore a better, faster way to set goals
- Set three key goals
- Identify your mission
- Discover your personal success formula

In less than one hour you'll be ready to take the next big step toward achieving your goals.

You can download a copy of the Learner's Guide for the session here:

The regular price is $45 per individual -- but contact us today to see if your organization qualifies for a free session.  To qualify, we'd like at least 5 participants at your location in an uninterrupted environment (such as a conference room). Multiple locations are also fine. All you need is an internet connection and/or a speaker phone at each location.

For more information send your request to Doug here: 

Bring Our One Day Workshop To Your Location

Problem Solving WorkshopCentered Problem Solving

Build a collaborative space for success and discover truly creative solutions to those problems that have been slowing you down. A one-day workshop that could change your life.

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