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Solving problems
What if you could work with a small group of people who would help you to solve your most pressing problem?

They wouldn't try to impress you.

They wouldn't charge you money.

They wouldn't hold back their best advice to keep you coming back.

What they would do is speak openly and honestly and with absolute clarity. They would support your goals and offer their expertise without reservation.

Image a group of people who would:

  • pay careful attention to your problem solving needs and treat your shortcomings and challenges without compassion.
  • spark ideas together they'd probably not realize alone and have fun helping you to achieve your goals. 
  • help you drop excuses and time wasters and focus with your full energy on what you want.
  • invite you to do the same.

That's your potential in the Collaborative Problem Solving  workshop.

If you solve your toughest problem...

  • Imagine the difference it will make in your work, your team, your life.
  • You'll build stronger relationships that can propel you on to even more problem solving success
  • You'll acquire the skills and tools you need to solve many more problems
  • You'll gain a positive financial return on investment by paying exactly what the workshop is worth to you -- and nothing more.
And even if you don't solve your toughest problem...

  • You will have made significant progress in figuring it out
  • You will have found people who could help you solve other problems
  • You will have practiced working with highly collaborative tools that will help you solve future problems
  • You'll only pay what the workshop was worth to you
  • You'll have the opportunity to try the workshop again with a different group of people to find new ways to solve your problem -- or discover if it's a problem that must be managed rather than solved

You can attend this high impact problem solving workshop and enjoy a guaranteed successful return on your investment of 5:1.

If you could get a 5 to 1 return on any other investment, risk free, would you take it?

A one-day public workshop exploring and launching a centered problem solving process.

Collaborate with a team of creative people to solve one to three tough problems. As you do you will practice key skills that enable you to solve an unlimited number of problems in the future.

You'll be able to:

Expand your internal network.
Increase your capacity.
Leverage new contacts.
Build better relationships.
Create powerful solutions.
Develop your creativity.

and experience to the fullest...

Total, complete honesty.
Insatiable curiosity.
Disciplined alignment.
Relentless pursuit.
Accelerated change.
Transforming results.

Our Guarantee

We have helped so many groups save or generate so much money from solving problems that we are confident that a 5:1 return on investment for you is assured.

If you don't agree, pay whatever you like -- even nothing if you choose. You're trusting us with one day and we're trusting you to solve something of real value -- and to share a little of that success with us.

There's no risk. What are you waiting for?

We use a collaborative workshop scheduling system.
Contact us today to plan and attend a session in the Boulder, Colorado area.

Satisfaction Guaranteed


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