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How to lead with clarity, courage, creativity and compassion
courage, creativity, clarity, compassion
Leaders are blessed with their own distinctive gifts and skills rely on.  Many times these gifts serve them well.

At other times, leaders rely too much on what feels comfortable to them at the expense of what is truly effective.

Our experience at over twenty years of leadership development shows that people who develop their skills in five core areas are able to manage high performance teams that deliver substantially improved results.

What You Will Cover

To develop high performance leadership you will focus on:

Courage: Practicing the strength and character it takes to face and act on meaningful challenges in support of people and purpose.

Compassion: Caring for other people, their feelings, needs and dreams.

Creativity:  Distilling and developing ideas into innovative products and services. Keeping an open mind and exploring new territory constantly.

Clarity: Refining, improving, analyzing, and covering details clearly, openly, honestly, and with absolute integrity. Reducing ambiguity and eliminating hidden agendas.

Centering: Staying focused and grounded in the face of conflict, stress, and challenge.

You’ll be able to:
  • Discover your strengths
  • Develop your capacity
  • Optimize your results

What to Expect

You’ll take advantage of your natural gifts and strengths while developing the ability to grow and utilize the other essential leadership skills.

Who Should Attend

Supervisors, managers, newly promoted leaders, project managers and professionals seeking leadership opportunities will gain the most from these programs.

If you are interested in developing your leadership skills, these workshops are for you.

What You Will Cover

You’ll be able to:
  • Evaluate your leadership strengths and opportunities
  • Explore and develop your ability to center yourself in any situation

  • Speak and act with courage

  • Demonstrate creativity to generate ideas and solve problems
  • Sharpen and clarify your leadership purpose and goals
  • Show compassion in ways that empower and enable people to speak and act effectively to optimize their results
  • Guide others to success
  • Create deeper and more meaningful conversations
  • Coach your team to improve performance
  • Develop creative problem solving skills to develop a collaborative space for success on your team
  • Manage your relationships above, below, and next to you -- increase your influence at all levels in your organization
  • Explore and make better use of your conflict resolution choices.
  • Learn how to manage your time to get more done
  • Practice a 5-step process for achieving your goals

Your Benefits from this Workshop

You’ll walk away with:
  • A leadership competency foundation that will help you improve your results and continue to develop as a leader
  • Increased flexibility in your interpersonal relationships
  • Stronger leadership skills
  • A highly participative, facilitative approach to leadership

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Your Investment

We make every effort to deliver high quality, affordable training to people and organizations to help you develop performance and achieve your goals.  Contact us today to determine your investment, based on your needs, location and qualifications.

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